Friday, 22 February 2013

Mario - Softimage Model


After a number of rather bad things happening to me, like getting the flu and parts of my computer dying and needing to be replaced, I finally got back to rigging and posing Mario.  Here he is, as promised.  Enjoy!  More mods coming soon.  Very soon.


I changed the original image to this one with SSS on his skin and the proper patchwork on his trousers.  Rigging and posing will be the the next step.  Thank you, Andrew, for the feedback.

I'm trying my hand at making mods for games and I'm using the Softimage Mod Tool to create my models.  So here's the first thing I've made with it - Mr M himself.  I'll have to rig him up too, so maybe I'll post some action poses later on, but here he is in the usual T-pose.  Yes, that is a watermark you are seeing when you view the image.  Enjoy!

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Andrew Murray said...

You should put some poses on here. That would be cool to see