Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Best Years of My Life...

...are now over.

Probably the most intense experience I ever had was getting into and making my way through the Bachelor of Applied Arts - Animation program at Sheridan. It wasn't easy, and there were many times I felt I couldn't make it through, but somehow I did...

I'll always consider myself lucky for having the experiences I did, and I'm hoping that I can carry them through the rest of my life as a professional animation artist. I sincerely wish everyone I encountered during my 4 years in the program the best of luck for success, and a long, happy life. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I'm still alive after finishing the program.

I'll be starting a new blog soon, as my journey through school has come to an end. Now my journey through life begins. To celebrate, I modeled a cannon for a ship. It's going to be part of something bigger I'm working on for myself. But for now, enjoy. :) Please watch for my final post coming up when I create my new blog, as I'll be pointing it out to you once I have it set up.

Autodesk Maya - Subdivision Surfaces