Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nanomite - Maya Model


Here's a shaded version of the Nanomite, rendered in 3Delight.  I think I'm happy enough with it.


I finished the modeling and I rendered a 'clay' version.  Now to add the shaders...

I was inspired by a design I came across in one of the GI Joe comics I had.  I decided to model the Nanomite, and so far I'm liking how it's coming out.  I have not seen the movie, so I don't know how the comic book design compares to the movie.  The front part is done, now starting the back part, and there's a lot more than I imagined at first to do for the back.  Enjoy it, while I get back to finishing it...

Rendered with Mental Ray.

Modeled in Maya with subdivision surfaces.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mudbox - Faun


I didn't find the time to sculpt over the weekend, so I just decided to try painting my Faun sculpt in Mudbox.  I discovered that the sculptural quality of my work was too much like a figurine or a statue to try going for realistic painting, but I sort of liked how it looks as a 'toy' after I painted it.

I just had so much fun sculpting this Faun dude that I completely lost track of how much time it took to do.  My computer was starting to get out of breath as I kept adding more subdivisions, so I'll show what I have.  And wow...this is my 100th post!

Sculpted in Mudbox.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mudbox - My First Human Body

I got a bit ahead of myself and tried sculpting a full human body (except for the feet) in Mudbox.  Everybody else is doing it, so why shouldn't I, right?  I guess for a first attempt it will do, and I can only get better by practicing, or so everyone tells me.  This took 4 hours, or thereabouts.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mudbox Sculpt - Doppler

Keeping with my weekend regiment of sketching in Mudbox, here's a bust I created of Doctor Doppler from Disney's "Tresure Planet".  I guess my love of that film is pretty obvious.  This is probably one of my less successful attempts, but I'm still reasonably happy with it.  1.5 hr sculpt.

Sculpted in Mudbox.