Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mr. Cuddles - The Modeling - Props 4

The star of the show (no pun intended)

...and I just had to show him in colour too. Here is how he will probably look in the final film. You will see a bit of texture on him if you view him large:

Modeled, textured and rendered in Maya

Friday, 30 October 2009

Mr. Cuddles - The Modeling - Props 3

More props from the shop...

Gym bag - modeled in Maya

Thursday, 29 October 2009


So I took a day off today and went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) today to do some bird sketching. It was fun to just draw at my own pace and enjoy it, something I should probably be doing a lot more often. Anyway, here's my sketch page, after much unfortunate smudgery occurred when I got back home.

The bottom right one looks downright evil...anyway, back to work...

Pencil on sketchbook paper

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mr. Cuddles - The Modeling - Props 2

Another reasonably productive day. Here are the new ones again in no particular order:



Ceiling Light Fixture


All modeled today using Maya.

Mr. Cuddles - The Modeling - Props 1

Sorry about the long delay in posting, as I have been working mostly on rigging and the leica reel for my film, both of which I'm not quite ready to show online yet. But just to keep my blog alive, I thought I'd show you some of the props I've been modeling for the film for the last couple of days. Here there are in no particular order:

Cardboard box



Computer Desk


Roll of Tape


All modeled in Maya over the last 2 days. Much more to come soon, hopefully as soon as I would like them to...